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The lost marriage:


".... In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and to the man, and He put Him in Eden" Genesis 1:27; 2:8; 1:1.

"... In the beginning it was the verb and the verb was with God and It was God, this it was the beginning with God... " John 1:1-2.

"... And God saw that the man was alone... after falling in a deep dream, of a rib He made a woman, “Bones of his bones and flesh of his flesh... of the male it was taken... " Genesis 2:21-25

".... And that verb was made flesh and inhabited among us, John 1:14... " In such a way loved God to the world that has given to His only-begotten Son, so that all that in He believes shall has eternal life... " John 3:16. "... And they looked the one that they passed over... " Zacharias 12:10.

"... Because we are bones of His bones and flesh of His flesh... because nobody hated his own flesh but rather it sustains it and takes care of it, as well as Christ to the church... " Ephesians 5:22-23.. Rev 21:2.

Here we will study deeper thoroughly the mystery of Christ in a way more clear. The Bible tells us that Jesus wants a GLORIOUS church, without stain neither it wrinkles neither similar thing.

In the beginning, God was alone says the writing, the man was also alone “In the beginning it was the verb and the verb was God". Likewise the man was alone before the woman's formation. God was alone too and descended to the death in a body similar to ours of death, so that God formed Him “His wife”, the Church". In such a way loved God to the world that has given to His Only-begotten Son, so that all that that believes in Him has ETERNAL life and doesn't get lost... ".

All the celestial events of Christ's Kingdom “in glory” they have their likeness in the earth, since we are created to His “image and likeness”, this way, all that were created is image of the celestial thing. All that there is here in the earth represents and it is made according to the divine plan of God. We are the shade of the coming thing. Hebrews: 23-24. Hebrews 8.5 and Genesis 1.26.


The natural Israel or of the flesh, Its history and rituals under the law, were a shade of the divine plan of God for His town, “the true Israel” and it stops who the promises were made, to “the seed” of Abraham, “Christ and His body”, the church, the man of many members, “the heir” (rev 21:7). ! We are the heirs of the promises through Christ, not of a corruptible Kingdom if not of one incorruptible... 1 Peter 2:23. Christ in the beginning was alone as tells it the writing this way. Adam, created to His image and likeness, was also alone in his beginning. To Christ, of who comes the image or form of Adam or the plane of where He came out, of Christ, belong all the things and for Him they stay, Colossians 1:16-19. Hebrews 1:1-3 Romans 5:14, to His image Adam was created.

Adam governed in the earth just as Christ in heavens, because Adam was the perfect image of God in that time. The opposite was to say that the death existed before falling, “or the imperfection”. There was a perfect state before, because God had seen it “good” what He had created. This means “perfect”, because God is perfect, and the man was created to HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS.

God gave everything to His Son just as He gave this creation to the man.

The earth, we conclude, was created then to image and likeness of the celestial one "now deprived of the glory of God". Romans 3:23 and chapter 8:18-25.

There is now a God in the heavens reigning just as Adam reigned in the beginning. God is of where leaves all the things and Adam is the image of Him. God created to Adam because He was alone. He needed to watch to Himself “in His own image”. Both, the man and God were then alone in the beginning; this way, in the beginning the verb of God was alone in the sky... and in the earth... “the result of that verb when He said”: "let us make him to our image and likeness...".

This is the man, “the effect” of the word of God. God is the living word and what he created is the effect of that word. To the man created by the word (or by the verb), was given by the same word of choosing his own word, "this is his the free will". The difference between God and the man is in that God is the “living word" (the verb, the action) and the man is an “effect” of that word. The man governed the earth "IN" the “living” word of God, or rather in “HIS LIFE” (God's). Until this, then in the creation didn't exist a word or life different to that one of God, and for this reason it is why he took His image (God's), just as God had created him to “His image and likeness”. The word of God is the “life and Glory of God”, “His being” that is manifested to us by the word, because the man stopped to be that word or the full desire of God when he created his own word and own image in the fall.

The man was before sinning the full desire of the manifested God. Now the man is called to be another time “the word “or the verb” made flesh” by the new birth. Hebrews 8:10-11...



Ephesians. 5:31 to the v. 32.

To Adam, He (God) gave a partner, Eva. She was “the feminine part of Adam”. Eva was “the flesh of his flesh and bones of his bones”. This is a woman and only that, “the flesh and Adam's bones". Eva was Adam "feminine" “or a woman”, (Adam in woman's position) as Genesis explains, 5:1-5. "Female because of the male she was taken... ". what nobody has seen up, it is that the act of the marriage was given "before" the fall. Genesis 2:23-25. This means that the true marriage is not known by those that are "in imperfection side" or in “the death” outside of THE GLORY of God. To say the opposite, that is to say that they knew “sin” before having committed sin, and this is absurd. The true act of the marriage is “a mystery”, because God is a mystery for the world, “His image is a mystery” because we lost it. Ephesians 3:1-5.

The well known marriage at the present age by the must, is the one of the law, and clearly the writings say that the law is for the adulteress and the sinner. Adam was not sinful before sinning, he was perfect because he was created to the perfect image of God, and God is perfect and “HE is always glorified”. For that reason He wasn't sin because God doesn't SIN. He was the perfect image of God… Both, Adam and God were “ONE” “perfectly”.

Let us remember that Adam fell because he was given the opportunity to continue with God or not and also was tempted. If he wanted, he was guided for heaven's sake (the vivified word) or not, until he disobeyed the commandment of God. This way, Adam generated to what “he is now”, it, causes of “his own word” domain and wisdom that it is also dead.

Only the word of God has life because He is the creator. Only He can create and nobody else; without God the life doesn't exist.

Then Adam's image with His wife in the beginning, “was" that of being “ONE” as God is “ONE” (His Glory) with His perfect church. The foreknowledge of God had determined it this way with regards to the present body of Christ in His plan. The old things happened..., it is for this reason that it was in His “foreknowledge”.

Christ's body is the body of all the ages where was carried out Adam's restoration. Jesus has NEVER been separated from us in heavens (ONLY IN THE CROSS). The whole fallen beginning of the creation of the First Adam was destroyed in the Cross, so that the first Adam's corruptible life is supplanted by the incorruptible life of the 2nd Adam. Hebrews 10:14-15. The incorruptibility means that you don't sin, neither you will sin, because God self cannot refuse to itself. God cannot be contradicted himself and to contradict to God is to sin. This doesn't refer only in questions about the law, but yes in questions of “life”. If you are the life of God “you don't sin”, if you are “yours” or “the flesh” you sin, because your will is opposed to God, Romans 8:5-8. Here to live according to the flesh is not the law like many think, if not “of being” the incorruptible life of God or not. Or it is light or it is darkness, there is not middle.


God is perfect and only He “is”... our life in the Holy Spirit, our new life. While the first Adam had the opportunity to see by himself self what it would be without the word of God, he would understand that his own word or desire are disgraceful and dead, and that God is God and he was only “powder”. That is to say with the fall, we can learn that only God is God, and what “adan” had or “we” in the beginning of the creation without sin, didn't come from ourselves. Now we know that the first things happened and all things were made new with our Christ eternal life. A new Adam took in scene, Christ in all, and for all, He is the new and last Adam.

The first Adam's creation is "the shade of the creation of the second". Now in our days, God builds the 2nd Adam, but that Adam is not still completed or finished (for many). His beginning will be when you arrive to the climax of the perfection “to be Christ” in you living. Jesus as well as the 1st Adam his beginning was when God finished His creation. This will be “the fullness of God for Christ Jesus” in us. We are in the 6th thousand years days of God in that He has been working in the 2nd. Adam, our Eden, “or the paradise”. We are really Already in the 7th. day, because He is already there in the sky “in us”, waiting for us in the fall for the childbirth. (rev 12). "The son that will reign with an iron stick to the nations!. The day of The Lord! Rev 4:21. ! YOU HAVE TO BE ATTENTIVE TO THE TRUMPET! To the CALL.


Romans 5:14; 2CO4:3-6; HEBREWS 1:1-3; 1CORINTHIANS 15:28; 46-49.

Just as “He is” the 2 do Adam, it was also the first Adam. The lost glory in the first one was recovered with the second. The revitalizing spirit united with the first Adam's alive soul it stops this way to form a new Adam; Christ in all now will be this Adam's life. Before it was the old man who determined what we will be. The Cross finished with that old domain, it stops this way for the new birth to put an end to the sin and the death that produced the first Adam. Difference exists between the first Adam, created, and the 2nd. CREATOR. Before, the first one governed, now the 2nd. Everything depends now on our creator in the new creation. The glory of God, His perfection “is ours in Jesus Christ”. !Glory to God!. Hebrews 10:14-15. !This is our guarantee of victory!, Hallelujah...

In the beginning both were alone, as the first one and the second Adam. Adam governed through the 2nd Adam, although you don't believe it. Job 38:1-7. (see the verse 7 especially “when they were happy…” who?... Proverbs 8:22 at 31.


Now siblings, before entering deeply in the topic, I will say you, before Adam falling, “he”, with “all his sons” that are “them” the same Adam, (Genesis 5:2) were with him in the beginning, the same as Eva. “In Adam and Eva” there were everything for Adam and their children, that are “them”: Adam and the same Eva.

It has always existed one Adam and a only one Eva, although they are many; as always a single Christ of many members has existed, although they are many children, a Body of many members. (Christ and His church), Christ like the head.

Here, when we are restored in perfection, we will be ONE with the Lord, being several and at the same time ONE, a body of many members. At the same time it won't exist several people because we are ONE IN Him. It will be a new dimension of life. One Adam has always existed as always one Christ has existed. 1 Corinthians 15:45-47. GENESIS 5:1-2. ROMANS 5.14. 1 JOHN 3:2, JOHN 17. This way when you see a man walking, this is the same Adam walking “in this time”, but fallen. The test of this truth is that Christ, “the restored man”, or the manifested perfect man , He was “ONE” with His FATHER and the Father was Himself. This happens in us to Adam also.

This way so, we are Abraham's descendant (in Christ) and he “ours Father”. Were not we engendered for heaven's sake? Who is Abraham in the skies?. What does say Corinthian about who the 2nd Adam is? 1Corintinas 15:47, Romans 9:8.

We speak now at this time by the new life that we receive. Is not Christ the promise made by the Father to Abraham?, didn't he promise to him an eternal descendant?, didn't tell him God that “He AND HIS DESCENDANT” would INHERIT THIS EARTH FOREVER “all together at the same time”? (this is "all the called ones in Christ Jesus"). See that the promise includes it “forever” to “he and his descendant”. Hebrews 2:14 to 16; and 2:10. It is for that reason that Romans explains that they are not the sons according to Abraham's flesh the heirs of the promise but the Son according to the Promise, and the promise is by the faith in God!. God is not God of dead but of alive ones...! Luke 20:38. It is an eternal earth the engaged one, and we are on the way arriving to it (to “Christ”). This earth will be transformed and liberated to the glorious freedom of the Sons of God, (Romans 8). And this it is the inheritance of the church; but we don't still see that all the things are subject to the son of God. God through the overcomers, will be able to restore all the things to its first glorious state, the restoration by means of us. A new incorruptible life, that of the 2nd. Adam has been born in the earth, a new race, THE SONS OF GOD. But it is necessary that


let us arrive to the stature of the measure of Christ's fullness (Ephesians 4:11-16). We should take all the fullness of our inheritance (Christ the Heir), so that the new race of winners, THE SON OF GOD, subject to the antichrist's Kingdom by means of the power of God and his manifestation in us. The promises made to Israel are for us, (1 Peter 1:10-12). They are to be completed in us that are the restored temple of the living God, but we go toward the perfection. Hebrews 6:1-2. These promises are for Abraham's Children “in Christ” the seed, because Abraham in heavens is the Same God, and us ONE with HIM (in Christ life), as Christ is ONE with the Father, unless that maybe you were not ONE with the Lord… Who is Abraham's life in heavens?, isn’t the same Christ ?, yourself in Christ?, Who is your life? Isn’t Christ ?. Then you are also ONE with the Father and therefore restored, because you are similar to the Son of God..! amen? : Christ Abraham's promise and us the believers (Jews, Greek or Venezuelan, or American) that have believed in HIM. Was not it prophesied to Israel to be the head of all the nations? Isaiah 26:1, Ezequel 44:28, Zach 14:9 - Isaiah, 32:1. Which is the promise for the overcomer? Rev 21:7. Which is the promise that you should reach?. Christ is the heir and He is soon about to reign also in us, and this through his church, and that it is the call. Amen?. Don't you want to grow to His stature? Which His stature is?...: ! GLORIFIED Christ, HIM SELF. If you see this, you understand that that life, HE in the sky, is the restoration of Israel, of the Temple, and soon of the whole creation.

It is when our God is manifested with that power in us, but it is necessary to believe what we were promised and what was given in the Holy Spirit, The guarantee of the acquired possession. Then, if you see these wonderful things that God is giving, you will be able to see that Adam in the beginning before the sin was also now as “us” in Christ. That is to say, it is for this reason that we can say that we go toward the perfection... amen? . Toward the life of among the dead ones. For this reason it is that in Christ we can be restored, because He shows us the perfect “image of God” with His same life, so that we understood that it is the perfection,... Hallelujah...!!!! Christ the redeemer The restorer He takes us again toward the perfection, toward HIS perfect Kingdom!. We Go and it stops there, toward the paradise again but forever!!!.

Christ and the perfect church "they are" what was Adam before the fall, that is to say, if we see that Jesus and the Father were ONE “always”, you are seeing then who is Adam and his son in the beginning, (in perfection). If God in this time of restoration calls us to be ONE with ALL THE BELIEVERS, by the same life that is in us, God which “makes us” “ONE”, then it is because we were this way in the beginning when we were perfect in the 1st. Adam, “in life”. Each mortal son of Adam is then same Adam, because the SON of God and His Father are ONE GLORIFIED.

Then "us", "Adam's sons" were ONE with our Father in the BEGINNING also, when THE DEATH had not ENTERED yet. This life is it what you "are" in RESURRECTION, where we go.


The Adam death resides in the fact of stopping to be ONE with his descendant, that is to say separation of him and of his wife. The death is that we walk outside of the GLORY OF GOD, THAT is the one OF BEING ONE IN ALL HIS SONS. ONE in Adam, that was the glory that Adam had in the Eden before falling; for that reason it is that Christ came to restore this Adam fall with HIS LIFE. This is possible because the man is image of HIM, fact to his image and likeness. 2Corinthians 4:3-6. Exists beginning and end in the Adam's sons, because they "are dead", because our last father Adam died. We were born in death in the 1st. Adam.

“The death is since that the sons don't have communion or “unit” with their parents”. "Father, Father, why has you abandoned me…?", it was Christ's exclamation in the cross when He received the sins of the world. This is the death, separation of you and your father or your descendant. This way, we understand that the genesis order that explains the creation of heavens and the earth, is a word spoken for Adam human (with beginning and end, separated or to dead ones), so that you understood how like it is the order of the fallen creation to us that we are fallen.

This creation was eternal with Adam before falling; now it is the same creation but in “slavery of death” Romans 8:21. The same creation is slave of the death and Christ came to liberate it with His life. Christ restored it. Completed it is all... "he said..., But it plays now to us to go from glory to glory to that state of victory and “fullness of glorified God” (He is already glorified and He is our glorified life), about the same death (His life).

So the 2nd Adam that is “Christ” has His Eden, for what says: "and there will be new heavens and new earth... " Romans 8:18-27. That Adam is already in the paradise, in the paradise of God (the new "us”). What we see now is the earthy and the old dead heavens. Soon the manifestation “glorious” of the Sons of God, of the 2nd Adam will take place, toward “out” for us in “the manifestation”.Then, we know that the first Adam was eternal and consequently everything was made without he lacked something. Do you believe that the time governed to Adam?, I refer at the mortal time of the men... all that you see in the creation, is the slavery of it. Why you don't have communion with the animals?, neither with the plants?, do you maybe believe that Adam didn't govern on these things?. We have to Jesus like example: He told to the fig: " Never be not born fruit of you... " and it dried off...

In the same way that everything was given to Christ, it was also given to Adam. For that reason we go to that place, to the THRONE, but that is with the growth. We are not here to be removed, but it stops “to inherit” the earth. Those removed will be the infidels, those that “they die....” It will be this way in the coming of the Son of the man when He was manifested from heavens in our hearts to the earth. Phalms 67:1-4, Isaiah 60:1-14. He will reign in His elects ones. Everything was held to Christ's feet, but we don't still see that everything him this fellow.

Then before existed communion with all the things in Eden. Hebrews 1:8. and 2:8. the church and the world are still in corruption.


It is necessary that the church took its place so that came the trial to the nations. 1 Chorintians 6:1-3. Who will be those to reign with iron bar? , Rev 2:26-27, will be to put the other cheek time after time? Not¡, that it is the gospel of the grace and it is arriving to its end!, and already in many the gospel of the Kingdom is sounding and with them the trial!. Amos 6:17 to the verse 24.

There will be cry in the assemblies of the children of God, Amos 8:3. The trial will have arrived and the events were not as them they waited. The virgins that looked for the truth they found it, and the other ones were outside. !Go out of Babylon my town says the Lord, so that you don't participate in its plagues. All that comes from Babylon and its daughters is blended with men's doctrines that don't guide to the truth. They explain the coming of the Lord with their vain carnal mind. This will be for perdition of many in that day, because they didn't get ready mainly for the weddings of Lord. Mathews 25:1-13. For all those that are caught by the existent idolatry towards the ministries of Babylon and their daughters. Rev cap 17 and 18.

!If, the creation now is in slavery of corruption, and it will be liberated to the glorious freedom of God, What do you believe that there is behind the veil?. The Bible speaks that God destroyed the sin body in the Cross. Paul speaks to us of a body of ours “humiliation”... Philliphians 3:20-21. Siblings this it is the body of death and it is not but a PRISON. Prison

in all the senses, to eat (you need to eat for living), thirst, fatigue, limited at the time and the space, separated from our descendants in different bodies etc, similar with our wife, (we see this way it until today). This is the prison of the sin and Paul exhorts us in Hebrews 3:13, that that prison can deceive us. Which the deceit is?: that you believed that the current reality of the creation is the “truth” of the creation (the true order), and not ITS VANITY. Romans 8:20-21. This, at the moment is a creation deceived by the hosts of Satan in all the aspects because it is a FALLEN creation. Fallen means that it is not in the truth, in its original order of glory and perfection in what it was created. It is disordered. Where is Christ now?, Doesn't He have a body like yours and mine NOW, but “Glorified”?. What is a Glorified body?. He right now has a body like yours and mine but GLORIFIED, of flesh and bones..., so the same as ours now but Glorified, with the GLORY that we had in Adam before sinning... Immortal!, in GLORY. But do I mate where Christ is now? Isn't He in all sides?, Isn’t He in heavens?, doesn't He fill EVERYTHING IN ALL?... is it for that reason that He is the guarantee of the restoration; He is the Abraham's promises fulfilled. All He has made it for us. Philiphians 3:20-21, Ephesians 1:22-23. The whole earthly ORDER that you have gone up till now, "it was" out of the Glory of God. Ro 3:23.

“ALL of us” sinned in the beginning in the tree of the science of the good and of the wrong, in our Adam father, (because remember you that Christ is the restoration or PERFECTION), Christ is THE FATHER AND THE FATHER is THE SON. ! Not separated, but ONE perfect and eternal “indivisible”...and that was because we all died so with the first Adam.


Where the Son is, the Father goes with HIM. Christ is THE PERFECT ORDER .John 12:26.

Because Adam died, then ALL DIE, for that reason we participate of the death, (because WE WERE ONE in the beginning in Adam). To Recover “the lost glory” it is to be as Christ “is” today, that is to say that YOU and your FATHER were ONE as Christ is ONE with HIS Father. Where the Father is, there the Son is... and still more, out there of the eternity of the time and of the space, both ARE NOT “NEVER” SEPARATED!. 1 CORINTHIANS 15:21-22. What the Father is, It is with US also. It is, but we are it in “HIM” IN JESUS CHRIST, by HIS DEAR SON IN US!. It is necessary that you understood that also IN 1st ADAM we are, and we were this way. It means that you are the same Adam according to our old man. For that reason the Bible only speaks to us of two Adams. 1 Corinthians 15:46-47, both Adams A BODY OF MANY MEMBERS, “THEIR SONS AND THEIR DESCENDANT”. But the first one lost the Glory of GOD that is the one of being “everywhere ONE” IN HIS BODY. Adam was heady of the EDEN and from a glorified body, “the Father's glory and image”, and OUT of the paradise. The body of the 1st. Adam is now “glorified” with Christ in HIS resurrection. Christ united with the fallen Adam flesh (through Mary, participating of Adam's dead body in her), to give to him (to Adam) the glory that he had in the EDEN before sinning, “by means of God's LIFE” CHRIST IN US IS THE HOPE “OF GLORY”. 1Peter 1:23, but “also a bigger glory” that is an ETERNAL AND INCORRUPTIBLE life, amen?. A Glory that doesn't come of ourselves but rather it comes from HIMSELF the celestial Father. He made us HIS SONS, Engendered of His same SUBSTANCE... HEBREWS 1:1-3. What Christ is NOW, it is THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD. Are you agree?, doesn't He say that He resurrected?..., Then... Which was Adam's life before sinning, before he died?; but if He resurrected “Christ” then it means that being a man as us Jesus passed from DEATH TO LIFE!. This is to resurrect. Now, where He is now this should be so the RESURRECTION type of life and being. We should understand that to die it was when Adam was heady of the Eden or of the eternal LIFE of "from God self", that is ETERNAL.

The accomplished death of the men is the final result of “that” death, (The 2nd death). If you grab a tree and you take it out of its root, this goes dying little by little until it wastes away in all its organ, it is this way our body. It goes wearing away little by little, for the action of the death until we die completely!. But know you that it was already DEAD..." Let that THE DEAD ONES to bury to their DEAD ONES...” Jesus said..., Since ALL were dead since from the Eden. See what is resurrection life in Ephesians, 1: 9-11, 1 Corinthians 15:28, there in that chapter of Corinthian, it indicates us like and how will be the restoration or the resurrection, “until God was EVERYTHING IN ALL”. He is the EVERYTHING (the hole thing in all) in all of us.


It says the writing..., because we ALL sin, we ALL are deprived of the Glory of God. Understand that since when you were engendered by your father and mother in this earth from the belly, you were already DEPRIVED OF THE GLORY OF GOD in and of your parents. YOU ARE PART OF THE DEATH OF ALL of US. We conclude then that Adam was a man also of many members as well as we will be and we are being formed IN CHRIST.

Written by bro Arturo Bravo

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