The israel war OUR WAR?

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comes on the day of the Lord, [b]
and half of you will repartidostus offal.

2 For I will gather all nations
to fight against Jerusalem.
The city will be taken,
the houses will be looted,
and raped women.
Half the city will go into captivity,
but the rest of the pueblono be removed from the city. [c]

(COMMENT: THIS WILL BE THE TRIAL OF GOD TO ISRAEL "Who Crucified him the Messiah" and did not repent of their works to receive Christ as their Savior”.

3 Then the Lord will come and fight against those nations,
as he fought on the day of the battle. [d]

(COMMENT: in that "ARMAGEDOM" war GOD will judge also TO ALL "the nations" People of the world that did not repent of their works Nor Obeyed also THE VOICE of the Messiah, including those who are called CATHOLICS OR fleshy CHRISTIANS(Those that still live TO their NATURAL fallen lives), because their "disbelief and HIPOCRECY" who SOLD TO THE LORD WHEN THEY MISSVALUED HIM WHEN THEY NOT TESTIFIED TO THE WORLD to other unbelievers saying they loved the Messiah and followed to him - THOSE that rejected him about being persecuted for profess being a WITNESS TO OTHERS, "which those who DENY me before men, I WILL DENY them IN FRONT the ANGELS at THAT DAY(when THE TRIAL ON THE NATIONS where happening)...THIS INCLUDES THE RELIGIOUS WORLD - see -"We must begin the TRIAL BY THE HOUSE OF GOD ... "1st PETER Chapter 4 vers 17. It is irrelevant The RELIGION to overcome death by itself. The only thing that will the overcomer win is through the real communion with God in "HIS” perfection by THE SPIRIT (HIS), thus participating in"HIS" HOLINESS being crucified themselves ACCEPTING HIS DEATH IN CHRIST participating so in “HIS” resurrection in an experimental and alive WAY.

This is expressed in being one with God in the life of the Spirit.

"Because all" Christians and non-Christians "WILL APPEAR BEFORE THE COURT OF CHRIST" Romans 14:10 ( "because if you sow FROM the flesh YOU WILL REAP CORRUPTION (DEATH), but if you sow to the Spirit, you will REAP INCORRUPTION OR IMORTALITY AS FRUIT) Gal 6:8-9. 1P4: 17.

”In those days will be asserted HIS FEET on the Mount of Olives” Ez 13 (Christ was transfigured in the Mount of Olives Showing victory over death, showed that is the Savior of Mankind so), which is in front of Jerusalem to the east”

Transfiguration which will now will be seen and experienced in our mortal bodies BY HIS Spirit.

Ro 8:11.
"And if the Spirit of him that rose JESUS from the dead lives in you, that Christ that rose from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies by his Spirit, who lives in you.
12 Therefore, brethren, we have an obligation, but is not to live in the sinful old nature."

Henceforth recounts the prophecy about the OVERCOMERS church" “HIS FEET” where the Lord manifest his will, life and reign. That church has been taken for God and for his throne, "who overcomes I WILL DARE AUTHORITY ON NATIONS AND weaken, through a rod of iron ALSO AS I HAVE RECEIVED FROM MY FATHER". "Heaven is my throne and earth THE PLACE where MY feet get support (and move...)

See 2 Ts 1: 4-12

1:4 So that we ourselves rejoice you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that bear.
1:5 This is a demonstration of fair trial from God, that ye may be regarded as worthy of the kingdom of God, which also suffer.
1:6 For it is just in front of God to pay with grief that makes you trouble,
1:7 and you who are troubled, rest with us, when Jesus got revealed from heaven with the angels of his power,
1:8 in flaming fire, to reward those who do not know God, and obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ;
1:9 penalty which will suffer eternal damnation (will not overcome), excluding the presence of the Lord and the glory of his power,
1:10 when he comes in that day to be glorified in his saints and admired all those who believed (because our testimony among you was believed).
1:11 Wherefore also always pray for you, so that our God is worthy of his call, and everything to fulfill any work of goodness and faith in his power,
1:12 for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified IN you, and you there, by the grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

As well as the 3 men Jews were made (at Daniel book) in the lion pit, and as those 3 boys were made INNO FIRE "and only their ties were burned, SO WE BE RELEASED ON THE DAY OF THE LORD OF HIS BATTLE where The fire burned... WHAT IS CORRUPT (OUR flesh), and what is INCORRUPTIBLE (CHRIST) remain vivifying our mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwells in us!

The lake of fire will consummate his work, destroy DEATH FOREVER, and death and Hades (THE PLACE WHERE THE DEADS ONES LIVE) THIS LAND IN THIS STATE OF DEATH WE SEE TODAY, where the mortals live ("let the deads bury their deads and follow me"...), will be thrown into the lake that burns with fire (God unger and judgement against dead works), and those involved while the 1st RESURRECTION (THIS IS CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY BY FAITH) to be born RESULTS YOUR SPIRIT AND HIS "INCORRUPTIBLE and UMMORTAL NATURE” will not suffer ANY DAMAGES OF THE SECOND DEATH ACTION (THE ELIMINATION OF DEATH BY THE FIRE OF THE CONSUMER GOD!).

YES the Son of God! It, the death, will die and it is committed in His manifestation IN JESUS CHRIST in us!


We must understand that the second ADAM “CHRIST” IN THE WHOLE CREATION has restored which was lost or convicted ETERNALY (this is A cease to be “eternaly” or “forever”) FOR NOT EXIST for ever and ever. And that restored in Christ IS also His BODY INCLUDED “the church”, (Those who were married with the husband). Rev 21:1-2

This is what will bring freedom to the land, thanks to the glorious God's children freedom, Ro 8:18-19, which will free ALL THAT ESTABLISHMENT OF THE STATE OF DEATH AND CORRUPTION that will exist and it will always be!, Allowing that never rose a REBELLION OR GENERATE NEW REBELLION IN THE LAND! BRINGING NEW DEATH to it again!

Death, and Hades were thrown into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, as a work of Restoration from God, to eliminate corruption that exists on Earth and in the creation. The Lake of fire will do this Until all HIS ENEMIES WERE BELOW HIS FEET! 14 Co 20-29.

Do not you want the DEATH Son of God BE A eternal kingdom ... Or YES?

OH I WILL BE YOUR DEATH! DEATH! OH STING "I" WILL BE your sting? 1CO 15:54-56.



All whom love and do iniquity (And forever) die For ever and ever ...

Listen for the study "2nd death" in our home in MP3 file.

ONLY ONE CHILD was lost! The Son of perdition...Hallelujah!

So, This war in Israel, or to be Armageddon, is "shadow" of the real war, that ARMAGEDON against NEW JERUSALEM church of the Lord waged in the heavenly places against the powers of death, THE SON OF GOD COMMANDING AS THE HEAD OF THE BODY, who SOUNDS THE voice and with trumpet VOICE (a calling) GOD being waged by His children to be taken from His Throne (Not a physic place but of full authority as Christself who overcame the death).

The very creation JIGES WITH INDEC JIGES with us Ro. 8:23 THE ELECTED, looking for the redemption (release) of our body Of death be DRESSED AS WE WILL BE ON US INMORTALS, until all our enemies WERE PUT DOWN HIS FEET (to the overcomers). 1 CO 15:25-26. BUT this BATTLE WILL BE UNTIL THE LAST enemy (OVERCOME the death).

WE SEE THIS WAR IN THE SPIRITUAL REAL AND RESTORED ISRAEL AT REV 19: 9 to 19. (Where we see all nations “death power” now fighting against who rodes a horse (Christ) and against his army (the church, the overcomers).
THIS IS THE SON of perdition (or the Antichrist) fighting AGAINST the overcoming CHURCH. "Against which to who rides the horses and his army”.
"TAKE THE ARMOUR so you can Stand up The bad day..."
It is clear here that Paul warned the people of that day who was to come which was prophesied by all prophets and throughout THE hole BIBLE propheced, that day called the Lord's day. SOPHONÍAS 1, SOPHONIAS 2. ¡Read it Since they are talking about the overcomers of the CHURCH!.
Especially chapter 3 VERSO 8.


And does what SAYS about THE STARS OF JOEL?... Let your light retract his darkness more glow!.
This speaks of the Sons of God (your desendants be like the stars of heaven, ABRAHAM PROMISE).

"If YOU WHERE LIFTING OF THE EARTH" I WILL draw all men to myself! "Jn 12:32.

"when this corruptible has dressed incorruptibility and this mortal has IMMORTALITY clothing ..."THEN THE WORD IS SROBED IS DEATH IN VICTORY! This is because we have the assurance of the incorruptible Spirit born (the promise of the Spirit) and THE POWER OF AN INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFE "1p 2:7 1P 3:4. 1p 3:18 2P 3:10-13

NATURAL Israel war (SHADOW OF THE OVERCOMERS SPIRIT war) look Heb 8:5 will be our OWN spiritual warfare RESTORING “ISRAEL” , “US” conquerring the CELESTIAL PLACES (THE REAL ISRAEL)!

God bless overcomer Brother!.

Brother Arturo Bravo

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